Mulaomerović Mahir
Web developer
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Solana and Ethereum Education App

Explore a portfolio of fintech-focused blockchain projects, where the development of an educational application aimed at providing developers with their first exposure to blockchain technology was a central focus. With a keen emphasis on flexibility and rapid technology adoption, the goal was to quickly adapt to the demands of blockchain to deliver comprehensive presentations and training sessions.

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Connecting frontends with backends, REST API and PostgresSQL

Expertise in connecting frontends with backends, with most experience in REST APIs and PostgreSQL. Strong foundation in backend development, ensuring efficient communication between client and server, and enabling secure data storage and retrieval. Experience seamless integration and reliable data management with frontend-to-backend solutions.

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Web sites with business logic and strategy

Explore my portfolio showcasing website projects where I demonstrate my technical skills in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Each project reflects my ability to create visually appealing and user-friendly websites. From design to development, these projects highlight my proficiency in building engaging digital experiences.

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REST API for a web application

This API provides a comprehensive suite of endpoints designed to facilitate user management within a web application. Built upon REST principles, each route is carefully crafted to ensure security, efficiency, and scalability.